Reposting this here, because this is way more words than I want to try to fit on twitter, and no one gives a shit about my Facebook where I saw this getting passed around most, and posted the original:

Alright. I’ve seen enough people shoving this around the internet with a lot of judgment and opinion, so here’s my unsolicited 2 cents. Which is why it’s on my post not yours.

1. This is another example of the gross media push to pit moms against each other in a conflict, as part of a general tendency to pit women against each other in competition. The “mommy wars” are stupid and terrible and they need to stop.

2. The first line of the article, “Joanne Beauregard is nothing so much as she is a mother.” makes me want to vomit. Not because I hate her parenting choice, but because I hate the society that values and defines women as mothers first and everything else second, except for when we’re defining them as sexual objects which overrides everything.

3. Biologically and physiologically it is a sound practice for women to breastfeed their young for multiple years, and the AAP recommends doing it for at least 1 year, with no discouragement for continuing thereafter. It’s not some freaky sexual fetish, and frankly it’s problematic to assume that it is, see #4. (I’m secondarily annoyed that the kid, who is 3, is made to look way older for the freak out factor.) Hardcore attachment parenting is a pretty serious lifestyle commitment, and not everyone’s going to be down for it.

4. The revulsion against breastfeeding period, and beyond that to extended breastfeeding — again, an entirely sound practice for our species — has really problematic implications about the objectification of women, especially women’s breasts, and a women’s ownership of her own body. As a society we can’t stop seeing breasts as a sexual thing that define the woman as a sexual object and exist for the sexual pleasure of men that we can’t not project sexual motives on the mother-child relationship and on a pre-pubescent child who is incapable of having sexual motives.